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Training and support

Over the years, CIP Checkport has developed a training and support concept to meet many customer's desires to better understand, identify, prevent, and even take action in response to each organizations unique postal threats.

CIP Checkport has developed a wide spectrum of training options, ranging from introductory training sessions to advanced detection and threat handling.


As a complement to on-site training, Checkport provides support.

- After training has been provided, Checkport provides on-call telephone support to individuals or companies. 

- Letters, parcels or goods not considered safe can be sent to Checkport's goods reception for additional/detailed inspection

- In the event of a leaking package, we can collect and assist in mitigation at an organizations own goods reception.



We have established three different training concepts, 2 of which have course plans published as PDFs on this page.

-  1 Hour Session.  This training module is designed to develop awareness of security challenges for members of an organization.

-  4 Hour Session.  This training module is designed to develop a deeper understanding and to learn basic detection and some mitigation in a low resource environments.

- 4 Day Program.  This training module is for more advanced requirements such as facility reception.  This training assists organizations with medium security resources such as x-ray machines detect and mitigate more advanced threats. 

Kursplan Hot och avvikelsehantering brev och paket

Kursplan Hot och avvikelsehantering outbildad personal

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