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We are experts in security and logistics

"Man ska känna sig trygg på sin arbetsplats"

Find the best fit for You



Security screening of letters and parcel tailored for consumers and home businesses



Security screening of letters and parcels tailored for small businesses



Security screening of letters and parcels for medium sized businesses

About our Services


Security Screening

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Mail & Logistics Solutions

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Training and Consulting Services​


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We identify and remove the unexpected or undesired

We provide a variety of  processing services, including  opening, sorting and content control

Our staff is routinely recognized as leading experts in freight and security services, risk assessments and awareness training


Checkport provides collection services of outgoing mail, parcels and goods, as well as recyclable materials.


Secure, Coordinated Distribution


CIP Checkport provides reliable, secure and efficient transportation solutions.

CIP Checkport is a full service transportation concept from external reception of mail, parcels and goods which are processed through multiple security screenings to sorting for transportation according to the customer's desired time and location.

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