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Checkport offers support, training and consulting services

Checkport is experts in postal and logistic security

CIP Checkport offers a range of supporting services for those who want to analyze, improve or educate their processes and employees.

Checkport are experts in postal and logistic security. We are market leaders in analysing and improving logistic security and we help customers conducting exercises of all kinds.

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Consulting services

Hourly or fixed price

Vi erbjuder konsulttjänster inom brev-, paket- och godssäkerhet.


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Fixed price

Our popular 4h postal security training learn our customers on what to look for and how to handle deviating letters and parcels. 

14900 SEK

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We offer remote support through our security specialist. Customer subscribing to our support have the possibility send letters to Checkport for screening

2900 SEK Business 


1290 SEK Consumer*

*Incl VAT

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